Epidemic Sound Community

In this project, we helped Epidemic Sound users improve the experience of recruiting new users, and getting rewarded for it, in our Community program.


Fall 2022


Researcher & Designer


Epidemic Sound's users are creators who use the music and sound effects in their content. Through the Community Program, they can get discounts, earn money and become an Epidemic Sound ambassador. All by sharing a referral link and getting rewarded each time a new user signs up.

Target group

Members of Epidemic Sounds's Community Program. Both those who actively share the link and generates signups, and those who haven't yet gotten started.



To understand how to improve Epidemic Sounds Community Program, we interviewed members and sent out a survey to further quantify the results.

Key insights

We realised the biggest pain point for users was the moment of sharing the link. The qualitative data revealed that users struggled with how to talk about the link, and Epidemic Sound's offer. They expressed a fear of coming off too pushy, or 'sales-y' towards their own followers, as this can reduce credibility for creators.

How might we

'How might we help users share their referral link, and generate more signups?'

Help users talk about the link

A majority of users told us they usually wrote what songs they used in their description, and pasted the referral link close to the list of tracks.

We realized this was their most comfortable way of recommending Epidemic Sound, by talking about the music. What if we can help YouTubers share their referral link, and at the same time help new users find music they're interested in on Epidemic Sound, right away?

Storyboard of a person running out of data on a train.


'Letting users showcase their favourite Epidemic Sound tracks on their referral page, will help them generate more sign-ups, and get more benefits.'


Band-aid data mockupBand-aid data mockup that shows 5 minutes of data being activated when the user shakes their phone.

I grew up on the back of a horse, and competed in showjumping for many years. It brought me abroad and lightened my curiosity for the world at large.

Today, I’ve brought that curiosity and passion for what I do into my design career. I love solving problems with delightful design, and push myself to get better all the time.

When I'm not designing stuff, I love to go on surf trips or spend time in nature. Moving my body sparks my creativity, and keeps me happy.

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