Epidemic Sound
Partner Portal

During my time at Epidemic, I designed a portal for our Partners, where they can find all info they need to use our API, and administrate the music they have access to.


January - March 2022


Product Designer


Epidemic Sound offer high-quality music for storytellers all around the world to use in their content. We want to be available where content creators create their content, and that’s why we created an API solution for Partners to easy access our music in their products.

Target group

Our Partners are owners, business developers & software engineers working with apps & products in the area of content creation. Our end users are content creators who elevate their projects with music and sound effects from Epidemic Sound.



No public page about our Partner API solution

Messy, off-brand documentation

Epidemic Sound administrates Partners’ music

Credentials are sent once by email

New features are communicated through email


Landing page to inform and acquire Partners

Clean & branded documentation

Partners administrate their own music

Credentials can always be found in the portal

A space to release new features

Landing page

Our Landing page aims to catch the attention of potential partners. This is where we can explain what our API solution does, how it works and why it's the best one out there.

Landing page
Documentation page


In the Documentation page developers will find everything they need to integrate and use our API. Visual content to provide an easy understanding, and in-depth details for a successful integration.

Admin pages

This is a space where our Partners can administrate the music they have access to. They can also find their credential and other relevant information.


Get an overview of your apps & how it works

App view

See your active track collections

Track collections view

Listen to collections

Edit mode

This is where our partners can administrate what track collections to show in their product, and add more from the music library.

Edit mode, active collections

Sort your current track collections

Edit mode, collections library

Add more collections from the library

I grew up on the back of a horse, and competed in showjumping for many years. It brought me abroad and lightened my curiosity for the world at large.

Today, I’ve brought that curiosity and passion for what I do into my design career. I love solving problems with delightful design, and push myself to get better all the time.

When I'm not designing stuff, I love to go on surf trips or spend time in nature. Moving my body sparks my creativity, and keeps me happy.

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